Corporate Hospitality Menu Option 5

Formal Sit-Down Event.

canapés served, then a three course meal

  • Selection of 6 canapés serves as guests arrive
  • Choice of 1 starter served to the table
  • Choice of 2 main courses served buffet style with crusty bread rills & selection of sauces.
  • Choice ot 3 salads and 1 potato option
  • Choice of 2 desserts served to the table followed by tea, fresh coffee & mints

This menu option allows for a Hog Roast Glasgow Chef, catering assisant & waiting staff to arrive on site approximately eight hotus prior to your chosen serve time. All dishes ae prepared at your venue using fresh ingredients whilst your meat is slowly roasting {A pig will take between four & Six hours} We laytables with crockery and napkins. As guests arrive canapés will be served by experienced waiting staff. The starter is served to the table once guests are seated and relaxed. The main course will be served as a buffet. The chef will carve your meat while the waiting staff assist in serving the other dishes. The desert will be fressed and served to the table. tea, coffee & mints served to the table. All our crockery & rubbish will be cleared away discretely & taked off site by the Spiting Pig Company

NB, If your event is a WEDDING, please go to our UNIQUE WEDDING MENUS {Avaiable via the menu to the left of this page}

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