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The simplest way to get in touch with the Hog Roast Glasgow team is by phone or email, but if a quote is what you’ve need we’ve made the whole process even easier with our online quote query function. Now all you have to do to have a timely quote for your hog roast in Bath event is to fill out the very easy form above with details of your event and the menu that you’ve been eying. Once submitted the Hog Roast Glasgow team in the office will assess your event information and create a quote, which is returned for you usually on the same working day or in some cases the working day after.

Of course you don’t have to use the internet form if you don’t want to, you can just as easily get a quote the good old fashioned way and email us directly or phone the office, we don’t mind how you choose to contact us and we always aspire to return a quote to you on the same day.

What’s great about contacting Hog Roast Glasgow for event quotes is that there are no charges for your first quote, and there are no charges for your 8th quote. Requesting a quote from Hog Roast Glasgow for your hog roast is always straight forward, and best of all it’s free. It’s free no matter how many quotes you request. If you want to weigh up your options and see which menu is best valued for you then you can easily do that by requesting quotes for a number of different menus, rather than just one.

When you phone or email Hog Roast Glasgow you’ll be greeted with a courteous and friendly staff member who knows the ins and out of hog roasting and event catering, and they’re equipped with an arsenal of knowledge to help you with the organisation of your hog roast.

A hog roast is the best way to cater for any occasion, no matter what it is. Hog roasts have been around for an age and a half and have been used in every capacity you could ever imagine, it’s one of the original cooking styles that humans have depended upon for over 100 thousand years. Before microwaves, before ovens, people depended on a traditional spit roast to cook the animals they hunted, and it just so happens that by some stroke of luck the most straight forward and easy way to cook whole animals was one of the tastiest! And even today that’s true. There’s no other way to cook whole animals as far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing quite like it, it beats a conventional oven every day of the week.

A hog roast is the logical choice because of how simple it is, all that needs doing to cook a great roasted hog is to season and spit the pig, and leave it to cook for hours on end. You couldn’t overcomplicate the process if you tried. And with a hog roast we go a good distance further than just cooking whole animals – our spit roasts are supported by a fantastic range of other tastes and flavours in the form of canapés, starters, salads, side dishes and desserts. When you call the office for your quote you can choose so many different foods and the staff know the menus, and know different events back to back, they’re experts who are there to help you however they can.

The members of staff in our office aren’t just there for a hog roast quote though, the team also deal with machine hire. Hiring a machine is easy, even easier than booking us for catering, because you don’t have to pick a menu, all that we need to know is how many people you’re planning on feeding, so we can find a machine with the appropriate output capacity for you.

Because some machines can cook for under 200 people, and some can cook for over 300 people. The machine you hire is most often determined by the size of your event. Of course, you could just as easily hire 2 small machines, although it costs slightly more.

If you’re interested in either catering or machine hire you can request a quote above without charge or obligation.