Should I book immediately or weigh up my options?

This isn’t a question we get asked directly, but we know it’s a question a lot of people put to themselves when trying to arrange event catering. Hog Roast Glasgow would always advise booking us as soon as possible. Of course we’d prefer that you book us and not somebody else, but being a popular company one of the negatives of Hog Roast Glasgow is that we occasionally have to turn people away because they’re trying to book dates that we’re already pre-occupied with for other events. We can’t say that if you put booking off that that will absolutely happen, but it’s a very real possibility and we always encourage people to make bookings as soon as they can.

What makes your hog roasts the best?

There’s a multitude of factors that need taking into account when looking at why Hog Roast Glasgow is the best for a hog roast. The most significant of reasons is in the machines we use, the produce we use and the chefs who make up the Hog Roast Glasgow family.

Hog Roast Glasgow have our own machines, machines that we design and manufacture ourselves. Hog Roast Glasgow machines are the best in the country, they can cook the most food and they’re the most aesthetically imposing and impressive machines you could have. We’re also a caterer that values good produce above all else – We put great produce into the machines so it’s only logical that what comes out is great food for any hog roast.

And the two couldn’t be brought quite so well together if not for our chefs, who are quite comfortably some of the best hog roasts chefs in the whole of the UK, never mind Glasgow.

We do machines, produce and chefs better than anyone else, and that’s why our hog roasts are as brilliantly tasty as they are.

Do you do wedding catering?

Wedding catering is available with Hog Roast Glasgow, our first ever event was for a wedding and we’ve loved catering at weddings ever since. If you head on over to the menu page you’ll find a few different wedding menus for your wedding.

Are there options other than pig?

We have many great spit roasted meats including pig, but not restricted to pig. There’s also an option for spit roasted beef, turkey, chicken or lamb. As well as these many great options we also don’t mind if customers want to change a menu by picking an animal that’s a little bit different.

Can we provide our own meat if we want to?

When we cater we only use the finest ingredients there are, but if you want to provide your own whole animal then you’re more than welcome to, so long as the animal fits. We have a weight limit with our machines of about 95kg, so while we can fit most things on there a whole cow would be out of the question!

If we book Hog Roast Glasgow for outdoor catering and it rains, what can you do?

This is a common worry and one that’s easily gotten around. There are 2 ways you can go about ensuring the weather doesn’t ruin your event, the first safe guard against the rain would be to book a party tent, a marquee or a gazebo. Unfortunately we do not provide either of these with our catering, but we do know of a few reliable suppliers and can help you to book reasonably priced shelter for your event. The second option would be to move the event indoors if it does start raining. The machines we use are mobile; we can quite easily change the location of our hog roasting from outdoor to indoor, or vice versa. There’s no reason to let a bit of rain spoil an event because there’s always a work-around.

Is a hog roast expensive?

This is quite relative, and different people would give you different answers, but we think that in most cases hog roasts are absolutely not expensive. Hog roasting is a very affordable way to cater for your party, especially if you’ve invited loads of people, and a hog roast machine hire is even cheaper still. Hog roasting is expensive if you book hog roast catering for a party of 5 people, but then not many people do that, so on the whole it’s a very economical way to cater at parties, more so than other types of catering.

How much is it to hire a machine?

Hiring a machine is a bargain, to hire a machine you need only to depart with £195 of your money for an event. It doesn’t come much cheaper than hiring a machine to cater at an event.

Our event doesn’t fit into any of the menu sections you have, what should we do?

Great question. The menus on the Hog Roast Glasgow website are there as a general guideline, simply to help make the whole process of picking a menu easier, so people know where to look. If you don’t think your event fits into any section then you can simply pick any menu that you do like the look of. You don’t need to be having a party to pick a menu from the party section, for example. All we care about is that you like the menu and choose one that’s right for you, regardless of how we’ve categorised it.