Corporate Hospitality Menu Option 1

Snack in a Roll – Your Choice of meat in a bread roll with
Sauce Wrapped in a napkin

Spit Roasted Pig Served With Apple Sauce, Stuffing & Crispy Crackling

Spit Roasted Spring Lamb Seasoned With Rosemary Served With Mint and a Mustard & Dill Sauce,

Whole Spit Roasted Turkey Served With Fresh Cranberries and Sage & Onion Stuffing

Local Free Range Spit Roasted Chicken Served With Stuffing and Homemade Onion Gravy

Spit Roasted Sirloin Of Roast Beef Served With Horse Radish Sauce And Homemade Red Wine Gravy.

BBQ 100% Beef 6oz Handmade Burgers, Chefs Own Gourmet sausage.

Chicken Kebabs & Meaty Marinated Spare Ribs.

All Served With Soft Floured Rolls

A Hog Roast Glasgow Chef will prepare, cook & carve your meat. We provide a serving table for bread rolls, napkins & sauces. All our rubbish will be cleared away discretely & taken off site.

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